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New Additions to The Pavilion at Pirate's Cove

With just 31 days away from the New Year, we have implemented some great new additions to The Pavilion.  I am more than excited for the 2011 Wedding Season, and I would like to think we have some of the Best Brides on the Beach! 

Ohh, my, improvements!!!!!!!!!!!

The first improvement we have made to The Pavilion is our brand new bathroom facilities.  It will be great to have restroom facilities located inside of The Pavilion itself, with easy access and convenience to our guests.  This installation will be complete by the first of the year.  Our second improvement, my personal favorite, is our new lighting installation.  Beginning next week, 27 strands of String Bulb Lights will be installed.  I have included a photo from last years Buckner-Gornell Wedding, when they did 10 strands of String Bulb Lights for the reception.  It brings a unique ambiance to The Pavilion, with soft light and charm unlike any other venue here on the Outer Banks.  With the option to change bulbs for colored bulbs, you can personalize your lighting at a lower cost.  After the installation I will be able to provide specific bulb sizes for color options in the future.  We have already purchased Pink Bulbs for our 22nd Alice Kelly Ladies Fishing Tournament next August! 

Another improvement to The Pavilion is our option for renting linens directly from us here at Pirate's Cove.  Our options include: 120" drop tablecloths, 156" drop banquet tablecloths, chair covers, table overlays, table runners, and taffeta and organza sashes to add to chairs for your beautiful event!  We should have our swatch books in soon, for fabric sampling.  We will offer fabrics such as polyester, pin-tuck, taffeta, organza, and more!!!

Lastly, we now offer the option to rent your dance floor from us here at Pirate's Cove.  Our BRAND new Oak Dance Floor is available in sizes up to 21'x21'!  Rent prices are per square foot! 

Our mission is to provide you with the most carefree, relaxed, and wonderful experience here at The Pavilion at Pirate's Cove.  By providing rental items as listed above, we can be your "one-stop-wedding-spot".   I understand how much stress is involved in coordinating a wedding, which is why we are trying to provide as many options here as possible.  Which brings me to the next WONDERFUL improvement!

Day of Coordination here at Pirate's Cove!!!

I know how hard it is to keep everything moving along during your big day.  I also know how hard it is to keep Mama's nerves down!  This is why we now provide On Site Coordination services.  I believe that your special day is one of the most important days in the world, and I will do my VERY BEST to make sure it goes on as perfect as possible.  I am available to be here during your event, keeping you on schedule, making sure everyone is doing what they need to be doing and more.  A more expansive list of what Day of Coordination includes is on the "Services & Amenities" page.  I love everything about weddings, and I will try to perfect every part of your big day! 

Again,  I welcome you to the brand new Pirate's Cove Weddings website.  We want you to be able to find as much information, photos, and updates as possible with just a few clicks.  So keep checking back to www.piratescoveweddings.com and don't forget to read my blog!





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